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Macro Colors

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

During our first quarantine back in April, I started a passion project. I rented a macro lens and experimented with different combinations of paints, soap, oils, etc.

It was a bigger project than I had anticipated, as it was a lot of trial and error to achieve the desired results. I spent the next 8 months periodically editing then revisiting the project every few months, experimenting with different approaches to create new interesting designs and patterns. Each clip represents well over an hour of work.

The lesson learned during this project is there is no right way to do something. All of my perceived mistakes that I was trying to avoid the whole time like splashes, ripples or reflections on the water, made the kaleidoscope effect come to life. The more dynamic movement of the paint pouring and blowing through straws created these mesmerizing motions of patterns.

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