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Sailing to Antarctica on the Bark Europa

Learning to sail toward Antartica on the Bark Europa was a truly epic adventure. It was overwhelming the amount of wildlife and action happening simultaneously for 3 weeks straight. I learned so much about sailing, photography, and wildlife from such talented people I had the pleasure to work with. It was a transformational experience that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you James with Focus Wolf Productions and to everyone that helped contribute footage and support my efforts of following my passion of filmmaking.

The Drake Passage

Gateway to Antarctica - Sailing across the Drake Passage through stormy seas. The Drake Passage! The most powerful convergence of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans generating some of the world’s roughest seas. Steering at the helm of

Bark Europa while crashing through endless rolling waves was one of the most exhilarating experiences. I was inspired by Shackleton’s epic description as spoken in the voice over. Thank you Daniel and all other contributors for sacrificing their cameras to get the shot! Thank you to all contributors Quixote Expeditions, Bark Europa Crew, Daniel Korzhonov, Judith zoning, James Lock, ETC RO, Focus Wolf Productions

Just Like Shackleton

I used my grandpa's 8mm camera from the 60's and shot 2 rolls of film. I was lucky enough for the footage to develop! I feel it captures the spirit of original expeditions such as Shackleton. Produced by Focus Wolf “Using Magic” I’m relieved this 8mm film developed properly as it was an expensive gamble to use my Grandpa's Super8 from the 60's and cross my fingers the 6 minutes of expired B/W film was properly exposed. The anticipation was surreal waiting to see if my effort of carrying a 8mm camera during all land excursions only to film a few seconds sparingly documenting the 3 week trip. I love the authentic grungy look that was produced, it captures the vibe of early exploration 100 yrs ago on a similar vessel.

Antarctic Wildlife

My favorite aspect of Antarctica was the sheer amount of wildlife. These animals have evolved to thrive in some of the worlds harshest conditions creating a fragile ecosystem dependent on small krill.

360 Experience

(you can pinch the screen to zoom out, or use arrow keys). This is the closest I’ve felt to reliving the moment of sailing to the bottom of the earth. Enjoy!

Navigation with a Sextant

"Its called sextant, but there is nothing sexy about it”- Capt Klaas Gaastra. Learn from the legend, captain Klaas about the nautical tool used to navigate the seas in the eighteenth century.

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