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Postcard from Patagonia

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Had the opportunity to travel to Patagonia documenting Polar Explorers Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters scouting trip to the Balmaceda Glacier on the outskirts of Torres Del Paine National Park. After riding a zodiac upstream on a windy river, we then traveled on horseback through Patagonia’s dense, lush backcountry forest, forging rivers to a remote location few have visited. 48 hours of rain and periodic 60mph wind gusts made any task of filmmaking difficult. Thanks to Eric and Ryan's guiding skills, it was a great learning experience. The videos below contains a few of my favorite highlights of the trip.

A good travel tip for anyone visiting Patagonia is to stay at Erratic Rock Hostel in Puerto Natales. There is a constant flow of travelers visiting pre and post adventures telling stories about amazing experiences. There is a pizza and gear rental shop called Basecamp that is next door to the hostel. The community of backpacking and climbing is very authentic and it has a great atmosphere from the hosts.

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