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Churchill: The Polar Bear Capital of the World

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

In 2012, we set out on our first international adventure way up north on the arctic circle at the polar beat capital of the world, Churchill. A town on Hudson Bay in the far north of Manitoba, Canada. Polar explorer Eric Larsen brought us along on his snow bike training to prepare for his expedition to the South-pole the next year. Our trip was sponsored by Terramar, a base layer apparel.

The first leg of the trip we drove to Winnipeg, then took a train for 2 days through the boreal forest, the largest forest in the world. Then ended our train arriving in the frozen tundra were temperatures can drop to -15 degrees. During our stay we set up a snow camp and filmed Eric training across the icy landscape. 

One of my favorite pieces we captured in Churchill was visiting the rusty ruins of the Ithaca, a ship reck we had to travel hours across the frozen ocean on snow mobiles. Eric wrote a beautiful voice over narration story. 

One of the most majestical moments to this day was experiencing the borealis aurora dance over our heads. We were fortunate to witness this multiple nights and it never got old.

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