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We love to film. We met through shooting video and it has consumed our lives ever since. We love to experiment with new techniques and equipment, and we're always looking for new creative ways of thinking.


Editing & Post Production

The ying to our yang, editing is where the magic truly happens. While we love filming, it's only half the picture. Editing allows us to show you what we see with a combination of precise edits, color grading, and audio.


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Motion graphics allow us to present a wide variety of information in a short, visually appealing presentation. This additional tool lets us put motion to your brand while keeping a consistent theme.

Motion Graphics

We've worked with a wide variety of companies promoting anything & everything to do with the outdoors lifestyle, as well as higher education, and small business start-up. We love telling stories to communicate the message your brand or product has to tell, and taper it towards the right target audience.

Commercial Portfolio

Commercial Portfolio

Proper Films | Motion Graphics Reel

Run Rocket Training Equipment

Aims Community College

Cronin Jewelers

AMLI South Lake Union

Showreel 2016

Phil Lewis | Finding Flow

Wenzel | Tent & Gear Co


Educating and inspiring others to explore different cultures and landscapes around the world, we've worked for a number of tourism boards and brand sponsored trips.

Travel Portfolio

Travel Portfolio

Visit Nepal



The other side of Tuscany | Italy

8mm Bark Europa

Tierra Del Fuego