Patagonia, Chile

June 2nd, 2015

 Josiah had the opportunity to document Polar Explorers Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters travel to Patagonia, Chile, the south most tip of South America. Their objective was to scout an exiting path down the glacier after their anticipated 2 month expedition crossing the Patagonia icecap. Unfortunately, the glacier had receded back significantly since the last Satellite image was taken, making it impossible to get off the icecap from this glacier.  We traveled with lots of gear on horseback through Patagonia’s dense, lush back country to a remote location few have ever visited. 48 hours of rain and periodic 60 mph wind gusts made any task of film-making difficult. Thanks to Eric and Ryan's guiding skills, it was a great learning experience. The video below contains a few of my favorite shots from my perspective of the trip.


Thanks again Eric and Ryan, watch out for their Last North documentary premiering on Animal Planet in December!

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